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Enhanced minpov (extra LED's)
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Enhanced minpov (extra LED's)

by winneymj on Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:15 pm

After the kids (both girls aged 9 and 11) soldered their first minipov kit. I decided to JAZZ it up a bit and add some extra color LEDs to the board.
Bought some green and yellow and a 3 way slider switch, along with some proto board and we can change the minipov color with the flick of a switch.

IMG_8365_resize.jpg (121.49 KiB) Viewed 2497 times

IMG_8356_resize.jpg (90.59 KiB) Viewed 2497 times

IMG_0592_resize.jpg (60.08 KiB) Viewed 2497 times

Cannot wait till the colaboration with RobotGrrl is complete so me and the girls can make the robot.

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Re: Enhanced minpov (extra LED's)

by adafruit on Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:44 pm

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Re: Enhanced minpov (extra LED's)

by Len17 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:20 pm

Pink fingernail polish is essential to proper soldering technique. :)
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