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MiniPOV Filenames
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MiniPOV Filenames

by Robot724 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:23 pm

I got my MiniPOV unit working using the mypov.c file. But could not use a descriptive file name for the displays I had worked on. I determined that the Makefile in the MiniPOV3 directory has a list of file names that allow the make program-filename to work. I edited the makefile by adding a new file to be programed to the list under: #Program the device w/various programs in the form: program-newfile: newfile.hex. Adding the name of the new file allowed programing it to the MinIPOV. Now I do not have to keep renaming files to program my MiniPOV device with different programs I have developed. This information may be located somewhere else but I could not find any mention of it and I have found it works for me. So I thought I would offer it here.
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