MiniPOV Mercury switch sensor firmware for waving
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Re: MiniPOV Mercury switch sensor firmware for waving

by cefn on Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:00 am

I'm investigating an alternative form of 4-way tilt switch which I cooked up, for similar reasons - existing ones are expensive and were not in my hands at the time. It's based on a UK Penny (which has copper outer) some stripboard and header pins but I guess it would work with any clean metal coin. There's a video intro here...

...and I expect to be able to post up more code etc. at soon. In the meantime some resources regarding pixel font extraction and (non-directional) POV testing are available at...

I'm expecting to do some interpolation and a circular buffer to handle the fact that the contact with the coin is transient, at each extreme of the POV sweep. Ideally I'll be creating an X-shaped LED array so that a POV baby shaker can be created which writes in any direction it's shaken.
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