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Please help.... Newbie builder question. Control Voltage...
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Please help.... Newbie builder question. Control Voltage...

by essence3d on Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:37 am

Hi everyone. Ive kind of hit a wall. Ive got to page 34 of the manual... The manual reads

"Apply the Control Voltage using the ad- justable power supply. Connect ground of the supply to ground of the x0xb0x, here I simply clipped it to the 7805 tab (which is off screen). Connect the output voltage to R90 as shown. Verify that your control voltage is correct, use the multimeter to measure the DC voltage as shown, it should be 3V."

Here are my questions.

1. When looking through the manual, it mentions nothing about purchasing or what kind of adjustable power supply... Can anyone give me some suggestions?

2. It doesn't mention what voltage to adjust the power supply to when doing this test on "7805" to get 3V. Do I just use 3V?

3. I feel I may be missing something. The directions and the manual are very clear, but I just cant seem to find anything about his adjustable power supply, and how its application is typically used for this build.

Thank you guys in advance!

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Re: Please help.... Newbie builder question. Control Voltage...

by antto on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:12 am

having an adjustable power supply is a good thing when working on electronics
for building the x0x it's recommended to have one, altho you could just use 2 1.5V batteries
We are here too: >>> #x0xb0x
..:: c0nb0x v1.00 ::.. (new control app - win/osx)
VCO Tuning: (do it the EASY way)
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Re: Please help.... Newbie builder question. Control Voltage...

by MMM on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:16 am

Have a look at the online manual: It's mentioned at the bottom.

This adjustable power supply is an extra that is not supplied with the xoxbox nor part of its functionality. It is merely used for testing purposes and to tune the VCO. However if you tune the VCO (and VCF) later (with the xoxbox keyboard) you can live without it. In this case (to test if the VCO and other parts actually work) you can use some voltage in the general 2v to 4V range; two batteries do the job nicely.
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