Random Filter (like S&H)
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Random Filter (like S&H)

by isak on Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:56 am

Hi guys :)

i have this cool idea how to make a random filter with the x0x.
ones i did a VCF CV in where is the mix in jack on the I/O panel, so i think if i take a cable connect it to the CV out to the mix in and put the position switch on random mode i could get a random filter along with the VCO random.
i wish i could separate the vco random so i could have only the VCF random, its like an S&H :D
when i think about it it will be so cool cause it will be at the same tempo as the sequencer.
i cant try this cause i dont have my x0x in hand, maybe one of you guys can try it and tell me how its working?

Isak E.

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