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larger minty boost for laptops and RC planes
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larger minty boost for laptops and RC planes

by memyself on Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:55 am

: Hi,
> I have noticed you stock a lipo solar battery charger for
> single cell batteries.
> Is there any way you could make a bigger one for charging remote
> control helicopter / electric bike / laptop batteries. these are
> generally 3 in series li ion/lipo/lifepo4. Just charging the bare cells in an R/C pack should be fine.
> You could sell a hell of a lot of these to R/C and electric bike
> enthusiasts if you can design one that works with larger batteries in
> series and larger solar panels, without needing a heavy lead acid in the loop.
> I have 2 x 28watt 12volt power film panels that i would like to use to charge
> the cells for these banned (laptop & r/c) as quickly as possible.
would be cool to ride to work and do your work powered by the sun.
i have everything except an effective charger to do this today.

> Thanks :-)
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