HELP! Incorrect Voltage
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HELP! Incorrect Voltage

by ItalianPride on Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:13 am

My friend and I are building a slight modification of the wave bubble. We are using VCOs that use lower voltage, skipping to the VCOs right after the 5v gain stage. We are getting the 5v but both of us are not getting the 3.3v! We are both using the exact same parts (all of which are the recommended parts in the instructions). When testing for the 3.3v on mine I noticed that there is the smell of burning parts. And my friend and I think it is C1 and C5 (6v and 4v capacitors). I ordered some more duplicates of these parts and tested another set and found the exact same thing. What is going on! We don't want to continue without fixing this issue but we have no idea of what to do!! PLEASE HELP!

I have enclosed screen shots if you want to take a look at the parts or anything
Picture 120a.jpg
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Picture 114a.jpg
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