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WB2010b Sub Part Question
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WB2010b Sub Part Question

by tony18183 on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:34 am

Hi Guys,

The substitute part of resistor has higher failure rate. Is it okay to use?

And the substitute for LED ?
160-1206-1-ND ------- = 516-1452-1-ND

>These substitute are MCR Series, General Purpose, MCR03 is the package size for both , the Code type for Automotive is EZP and >the Subtitute is ERT

>Differences found in the datasheet under Technical data page 4/6 There is no much differences but you have verify from the >datasheets
RHM49.9HCT-ND ------ = RHM49.9CFCT-ND
RHM10GCT-ND ------- = RHM10CGCT-ND
RHM22GCT-ND -------- = RHM22CGCT-ND
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