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Looking to sell my newly built SpokePOV + programmer
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Looking to sell my newly built SpokePOV + programmer

by arcaneache on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:08 am

2 weeks ago i bought and built a SpokePOV and the USB programmer. I conformally coated them with silicone and tested them by biking for about 5 hours through puddles after it rained. The board works great.

Now i realized that i probably wont get to use the thing "at night" that much for a few months - until the days start getting shorter.

Ive decided to try to sell it on ebay to get my money back and a few bucks for 3+ hours of soldering and using up some of my conformal coating spray. It seems prudent to post about it here first to see if anyone in the community wants first dibs.

Here are some more pictures of it:

its a blue LED spoke POV 1.1 with USB controller and a rare earth magnet.

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