Call to help on API to program POV hardware, LED matrix
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Call to help on API to program POV hardware, LED matrix

by casainho on Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:08 am

Hello :-)

At Bicycle LED POV, we did improve hardware by adding to it USB and 1MB DataFlash memory.

Now we are defining the API so for the same software many different hardwares will work, as with different number of LEDs, RGB LEDs, different memories and sizes, MCUs, etc.

Since POV image data is a matrix of 32 X 256, the same software will be able to program other POVs with different matrix sizes, colors per channels, etc. One example of Open Hardware that will be able to be programmed with this software is: "Peggy," A Light Emitting Pegboard Display.


We are also defining the memory organization, there will be possible of many animations in one POV, will be selected which one by pressing one button.

If there is people working on RGB POV, please join our efforts and help design the API and memory organization, so software will work on future hardwares... thank you.
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