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by rektide on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:40 pm

Greater than 2D. (Also a cool emoticon.)

I'm wondering if anyone else has interests in a laser cutter with >2 degrees of freedom. My current plans are to build a reprap, then design and build a head to one dimensionally control the angle of impact of a 20-50 watt optically coupled LED laser diode. Given that I dont even know what electronics the reprap is actually going to run, and that I havent begun designing the low voltage supply for the diode, this is all a bit off, but I wanted to throw this post up, and gather what info there is.

Someone designed a laser cutting head for the reprap, and has a video of it on youtube. This design has a rotating head, which at the moment I dont foresee myself needing. It seems to have manual angle of incidence adjustment, which perhaps might be automate-able with good results. Anyways, cool project, check out the video.

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