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HELP! Laser Etch Gold Anodize Aluminum
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HELP! Laser Etch Gold Anodize Aluminum

by gstar1988 on Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:44 am

i have a couple pieces getting machines and it is going to be gold anodize. Need to have black lettering that says " do not torque" how am i able to fill in the etch with black color? i have an 75 watt epilog c02 laser system. need a quick solution! i have 1 day to complete this :cry: if not i would order this ... tegory=245
If it etch it bare with ceramark and anodize it will it come out?

Thanks a million
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Re: HELP! Laser Etch Gold Anodize Aluminum

by 250 Coupe on Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:28 am

I wouldn't like to test this on a keeper part but you could try running the anodized part as you normally would and then hitting it again with Cermark. I would not move the part between runs but mask the interior of the machine and spray the Cermark directly on the part or spray it into a cup and brush it on. If you have a current Epilog, I think you have the encoder strips which you need to keep free of Cermark. My machine is nearing 10 years old and does not have the strips. I have sprayed Cermark on a few parts while they where in the machine but I don't make a habit of it since it's probably very abrasive and if there is any on a lens or mirror it could destroy it.

The Thermark LMM6046 looks like it would work but based on Thermark's notes, it may have a bit of a learning curve.

Another option would be to mask the part and vector cut the text. Then you could powder coat the parts and bake them in a cheap toaster oven. ... t?q=powder

I've never used a powder coating system before and don't really know if it would work but I think it would.

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