Any recent thoughts on the Laser Business?
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Any recent thoughts on the Laser Business?

by n3rd1 on Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:01 pm

I was looking for any recent thoughts on the progress of the Laser etching as a functional/profitable business model or idea?

I am in upstate NY in a City with Apprx 25k people. Short driving distance to a few colleges/university.

I am looking into the idea of opening a business revolving around computer support/customization, hardware "hacking" and microcontrollers (education and sales, not in house development) , and laser etching, with possibly a publicly accessible 'shop' where average folk could use high end soldering and other equipment.

The laser can be used for the computer customization and to a smaller extent the 'citizen engineering'. What I am really looking at is what kind of return from the etching side of the business could be expected.

I heard the talk at HOPE this year and PT mentioned that the fruit laser paid for itself in 6 months? I was wondering if you thought that was just do to the influx of free advertising and promotions you guys got from news articles or if there seems to be a solid base of interest from non nerds in this area??

Obviously the business clients would be more diverse and abundant in a larger city but I would still love to hear any thoughts from either the 'house' here or anyone else already in the business.

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