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sd card files
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sd card files

by chris220013 on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:11 am

Im saving JPEG files listed as numbers (time stamps) and text files listed as names to an SD card, when i read the card on a pc all the text files are at one end and the JPEG files are in the middle, what i want is to list the files in order of creation so i get text, JPEG, text, JPEG and so on. I cannot do this on the pc using windows because the files do not have a date.
Any help is appreciated

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Re: sd card files

by adafruit_support_bill on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:15 am

Check this thread for an example of setting file time: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=24814&p=145143#p128336

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