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Advice on Newbie wishlist
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Advice on Newbie wishlist

by chiragpatnaik on Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:43 am

I got onto this site looking at the Ice tube clock. And lucked on to Arduino I don't yet know where I want to head with Arduino. So right now it is an open agenda.

This is my newbie wish list so far. Keep in mind I have no tools (except lots of screw drivers) or components whatsoever.

* Ice Tube Clock Kit
* Monochron clock Kit (We love clocks, We have three dozen odd of different types :))
* 9V DC wall wart
* USBtinyISP AVR (to brush up on soldering skills, Also, I believe this will be required sooner rather than later)
* EL Wire kit (Want to give my wife a glowing banned. Cool? tacky? Will know after it is done)
* Some add on add on bits and pieces from ... it-arduino

I plan to buy a 40W soldering iron + stand and Multimeter (MAS 830L) here locally in India. Regular 60/40 Solder wire (not sure if Rosin core etc. is available here, Will check the local market this Saturday)

Do suggest, must have tool and component additions/options that I may need immediately. Right now it is just a toe dip in electronics.

A six month goal that I can think of (will plan and buy parts when budget permits) is to be to create an ambilight like this
only for my Plasma TV (not computer display/output). I have no idea what this will take and how this will happen or if at all possible. HDMI pass through? God knows.
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Re: Advice on Newbie wishlist

by adafruit_support_bill on Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:52 am

Do suggest, must have tool and component additions/options that I may need immediately.

You will probably want to have most of what is in Lady Ada's Tool Kit

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