Reading temperature data on a Chronodot?
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Reading temperature data on a Chronodot?

by sjn3 on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:42 pm

Has anyone tried reading the temperature data registers in a Chronodot? I'm getting good time and date data off the chip using the appropriate register offset & quantity with this code so I believe I _am_ addressing registers 11h & 12h; but tempMSB is always 2h and tempLSB is always 12h even while heating or cooling the chip (which automatically updates the registers every 64 seconds).

Any ideas/comments? Thanks.

My code:
Wire.beginTransmission(0x68); // 0x68 is DS3231 device address
Wire.write((byte)11); // start at register 11h
Wire.requestFrom(0x68, 2); // read 11h & 12h
while(Wire.available()) {
tempMSB =; //get signed integer: MSB=sign, 7 LSB = integer
tempLSB =; //get binary decimal: 2 MSB = data, 6 LSB = 0
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Re: Reading temperature data on a Chronodot?

by macegr on Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:52 am

11 is not the same as 11h :)
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