Kit done and working!
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Kit done and working!

by montesol on Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:19 pm

I will be posting pics later, but I'm happy to say my first ever kit is done and working great. I attached a 3 AA battery holder for a little extra power. I have mine built into a solid eyeglass case with the end cut out. This is a lot less conspicuous than walking around with wires and batteries in my hand. I then stuck a little piece of plastic over the button and out of the case's side. Taped it up and it is a simple lever switch that works better than I thought it would. Easier than drilling a hole and installing a button. Next bit is me fashioning a reflector behind the lights to give them a little more focus. It's a little Frankenshteen, but it works.

My pos connection from the battery pack to the board broke and I'm not veddy good at de-soldering yet. I had a lot of trouble opening up the hole to fit a wire in, so i ended up melting the solder at the pad and trying to use a leg cut off from one of the leds to push the hole open. It got stuck so I figured why not just leave that there and attach the wire to the leg. Worked great, and I might do that as SOP in the future when connecting battery packs to boards.

Works great turning off the teevees at banks, restaurants, and such. A lot of places use teeveees as in store advertising, so it's great to turn those off. I didn't even have to cross the street to turn off the teevee in the Brasilian steakhouse tv in the window.
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