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Crazymaking stk500_recv() errors.
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Crazymaking stk500_recv() errors.

by dwhitcombe on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:21 am

I have made quite a few boards (etched, drilled, and soldered) that I was able to program flawlessly with the FTDI cable I got from Adafruit.

Now, the only way I can program these boards is by either putting the Atmega328PU into an actual Arduino socket and programming them via USB or on the one or two boards where I broke out the ICSP header and program 'em with my TinyUSB.

The problem first surfaced when I upgraded the kernel of my main linux prototyping box (it's also a mailserver, and a backup webserver). When I went back to the old kernel (or just booted from it), everything worked fine.
But now I'm getting
stk500_recv() errors every time I try to program a board via the Arduino IDE using the FTDI cable and the header on my boards.

It's bonkers-making.

My FTDI cable doesn't work in windows either. I've also tried my sparkfun mini-usb->FTDI breakout board to no avail.

And I'm bonkers.

I can't program the boards via FTDI in windows, Ubuntu 9.04, 10.0?, 11.04...
Did I mention it's bonkers-making?

Here's one of the boards I can no longer program:
rebooty.jpg (191.86 KiB) Viewed 682 times

Could both of my FTDI device be simultaneously dead? Am I bonkers?

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