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AVRdude not installing on my Mac
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AVRdude not installing on my Mac

by ebird97 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:01 pm

Hello, I successfully installed libusb, however avrdude won't install.

This is what I get in the terminal. I've highlighted in red what goes wrong. Thank You!

unknown0026bb07e28a:~ Rakshak$ cd
unknown0026bb07e28a:avrdude-5.10 Rakshak$ ./configure
checking build system type... i686-apple-darwin11.4.2
checking host system type... i686-apple-darwin11.4.2
checking target system type... i686-apple-darwin11.4.2
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... ./install-sh -c -d
checking for gawk... no
checking for mawk... no
checking for nawk... no
checking for awk... awk
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes
checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... no
checking for cl.exe... no
configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
See `config.log' for more details.
unknown0026bb07e28a:avrdude-5.10 Rakshak$ make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

unknown0026bb07e28a:avrdude-5.10 Rakshak$
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Re: AVRdude not installing on my Mac

by westfw on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:19 pm

You'll need to have the Apple developer tools installed. For recent MacOS/Xcode, you have to additionally go to the XCode Preferences/Downloads panel and install the "command line tools."

(Come to think of it, unless you're actually planning on developing/compile Mac-style apps, it may be easier to use one of the Mac package managers ("fink commander") to install a more "normal" gcc compiler setup. This might help avoid some common incompatibilities between the "mac environment" and the "unix environment" where most of the compile-it-yourself tools exist.)
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