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New UNO board with ARDX 1.3
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Re: New UNO board with ARDX 1.3

by sphillips on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:03 am

I tried posting two JPG images but got a message saying the attachments were invalid. But what I have for both the mount plate that came in the ARDX kit and the mount plate I ordered separately look like the picture at (showing black metal screws), except that the engraving on the mount plate is completely reversed from what is shown on your website.

What image format should I be using? Couldn't find an answer on the FAQ.


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Re: New UNO board with ARDX 1.3

by sphillips on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:12 am

Ah, then the confusion comes because I expected nylon screws to be white, not black. They look a lot like metal!

As for the reversed engraving, I know that I can turn the Arduino and mount it, but then you have to read either the breadboard or the Arduino upside down, which is not a big deal once you get used to it, but since I am dealing with younger students who tend to be rather literal, anything that makes all the pictures in a manual match 1:1 is better. I can make do, however.

Sorry about my misunderstanding about the nylon screws. Thanks for all your help this morning.


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Re: New UNO board with ARDX 1.3

by adafruit_support_bill on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:27 am

I expected nylon screws to be white, not black.

That makes more sense. We do occasionally have kitting errors, but they are rare.

For future reference, you should be able to post JPGs or GIFs. You may need to re-size them if they are too large. 800x600 is a good size.
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Re: New UNO board with ARDX 1.3

by kashken on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:01 pm

Interesting. Nobody provided suitable bolts for the problem when I encountered it almost 2 years ago. Are you goind to do that now?
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Re: New UNO board with ARDX 1.3

by stephen40 on Sun May 12, 2013 3:25 pm

Hi Guys,

I just received my first Arduino starter kit the ARDX V1.3.

A couple of points which I have found so far, some of which have been mentioned before in previous threads:

[1] Arduino Holder printed inversed. This mean that you have to place the breadboard and UNO on the reverse side to sync with the wiring guides.

[2] Assembly drawing (p.2) shows bolts entering from the top, whereas the online guide has the bolts entering from the bottom. Also the bolt attachment positions are different in the guide and the online guide. Either way, there is no easy fit. After experimenting and a lot of faff, I ended up with the top left bolt going in from the rear, and the bottom right going in from the top. You may have to snip the length after fitment as this may protrude too far and make the base uneven (after fitting the four rubber feet).

[3] The colour breadboard wiring diagram templates that came with the kit were too small for the 400 pin breadboard shipped with the kit! This was a great shame as this was a nice feature, which could help to explain and clarify the wiring for each exercise.

[4] There are no Red wires in the wire bundle, which is a big shame as I always teach Red (+ve) and Black (-ve) and insist that students follow this format! I have black, blue, yellow, orange, white and green. The next best I guess is to use white.

To prevent other users going through the same painful process of discovery, could these issues be rectified or al least a note made on the website, guide and online resources?

You have a really great product, which just needs a few tweaks to make it excellent!


Dr Stephen Prior.
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Re: New UNO board with ARDX 1.3

by Neil2013 on Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:13 am

Here it is 953 days, about 20 postings, including several posts from the Adafruit reps, since the the first post describing the ARDX Kit's metal screw, electrical shorting problem, the lack of any instructions about how/where to apply the rubber pads and the reversal of the screw direction pictures and yet the kit I just received on December 21, 2013 has all these originally described issues and not even a photocopied note warning me of them. :roll:

I have purchased and applied other kits and parts from Adafruit (like Raspi stuff) and their web site tutorials are fantastic but something (minor) like this sure undermines those true positives and the company's quality image. I hope someone will consider at least inserting a single Added Instructions page into the box to warn buyers. It is a real bummer to run into such problems in the first step assembling the product.
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