Including Datasheets in Git (or other version control) repositories
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Including Datasheets in Git (or other version control) repositories

by inventorjack on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:15 pm

Just a quick question for those of you who use Git or another system for version control. Do you include datasheets in your repository for the components used in your projects/products?

I'm considering including datasheets, but there are certainly several positive and negative aspects to doing so.

For instance:
Good - Puts more info quickly into the hands of end-users
Good - Some datasheets are very difficult to obtain or find. Including them in the project makes sure the info they contain will be available to others
Bad - GREATLY increases the size of the repository (lots of PDF files)

- What are your thoughts?
- Do you include the datasheets, or maybe just links to the datasheets?
- Component manufacturers freely provide datasheets, but are there any legal issues with including the datasheet in my projects? Should I just add a disclaimer stating that I did not produce the datasheets?

I look forward to everyone's thoughts on this topic.

- Jack
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Re: Including Datasheets in Git (or other version control) repositories

by TheFallen on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:46 am

I guess you could attempt to link to the manufacturers copies of the datasheet in the BOM. It's only really necessary for datasheet on the important items like connectors, and ICs. Resistors and capacitors probably don't need specific datasheets.
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