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Using Eagle Cad
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Using Eagle Cad

by kscharf on Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:39 am

In trying to create a new schematic I've noticed that after trying to zoom in and out to fit a library part on the page the 'center' of the page ("x" mark) gradually moves 'off center' and I can't use the window slider bars to recenter the page or bring all of a part into view (the bars become FULL size and won't move). Eventually I get a popup warning that my mouse cursor is out of bounds limits. Also if I turn the grid on (default grid is .1") by default on a fresh page it's off to one side and not visible. How can I control my page size and where on the page I place library parts? Can library parts be 'resized' so they print a decent size on a standard page (not too big so they are bigger than the page, or too small so they can't be read)? How can I select a page size (IE: to fit on a landscape letter or legal size paper)? BTW I'm using the Linux version if that makes a difference.
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