FS: Roland JX-3P w/KIWI Tech CPU Upgrade
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FS: Roland JX-3P w/KIWI Tech CPU Upgrade

by Computer Controlled on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:02 am

I'm selling my modified JX-3P. I has the KIWI techniqs CPU mod. Its in overall good condition. Here is the dirt:

  • The Rate Slider's tip is broken off. But its still usable.
  • Editing with the Sense Slider doesn't work very well. Its real jumpy. The JX that Murray used to do the new CPU is different than some other 3Ps out there, so the way the editing works on some is just weird. But it all works over MIDI 100%. I always used my iPad, so i never cared for the Sense Slider issue.
  • There is a small ding where the programming graphics are.

It sounds really nice though! And having MIDI control, and extra LFO and extra Envelope really help out.

Asking $500 shipped in the US. Here is a link to the KIWI Tech site for more info on the upgrade.

Pics. Stickers will be removed upon request.


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