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Im reporting a new YBox2 build :-)
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Im reporting a new YBox2 build :-)

by voidptr on Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:42 am

IM reporting my new build ! It's working fine, loaded 3 different widgets like a charm. :-)

Build facts ...
3v regulator got really hot with 9v adaptor, so i switched to an old 5v laying under
my desk and regulator is not even warm now :-)

i got one little cap over , i thinking i had 11 in my kit...
i installed headers for future proto ...
we miss a place for adding a ground header i guess i will have to tap somewhere ...

I start thinking on the tin can stuff but it might be too small if i want to add stuff on the top of my YBox ...
i might change to another container :lol:

one hint i had missed first is how to reset
"Hold down the button while booting. Keep holding it down until the system reboots.
You will hear a lot of warning chirps, but make sure you hold down the button until it reboots!
After it reboots let go. Your ybox2 has been reset.
This will erase every setting except for the MAC address, UUID, and LED configuration."

pretty useful when u enter a password for the first widget and then after that u are unable to curl something to the ybox,
resetting repaired everything !

I wish i will have more time now to play with my ybox, i look an the propeller seems pretty intersting :-)
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Re: Im reporting a new YBox2 build :-)

by voidptr on Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:11 pm

It seems we can't edit message ?!
I put a bad link before ...
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