Logger Basics
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Logger Basics

by mrjinx007 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:47 pm

Hi all,
Ok ive built my logger sheild - being an electronics engineer, im sure my soldering is OK.
ive changed the SD Libarys to adafruits, saved in place of the original Arduino SD
sheild is inserted in Uno and connected to PC
tested battery voltage on logger at 3.2v and a 32Mb Card installed - formatted with panasonic formatter suggested from site.

I now have the issue all newbie’s seem to have.
ive loaded the SD cardinfo sketch and the thing says the card is tits.
its not it reads on the pc in the card slot ?

so other suggestions are the correct links made for the board being used.
Im sure i have read past something here, because for the life of me ive found nothing.

OK i guess you are all just about asleep now so i will get to the point
what can i do next.
is there links to be made and if so where is the instruction.
i could really do with getting things up and running as soon as.

The Arduino IDE im using is Arduino ERW 1.0.1h

your expertise will be of huge value
thank you in anticipation.
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Re: Logger Basics

by mrjinx007 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:44 pm

really clever.

Please can you add instructions to your build notes that you need to select the CS pin within the sketch
and give an example.
this really would eliminate any confusion.

Now i have a new problem the panasonic formatter has done its business
i have inserted the formatted disc, the sketch as responded that the card is valid except that it cant use it as it wasn’t formatted to fat16 or fat32
ummm confusing.

Please advise
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Re: Logger Basics

by mrjinx007 on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:16 am

the device works sort of
i used the Fridge light and temperature sketch

uploaded sketch
inserted formatted SD card and it works
but the analogue values are not changing

I discovered i had to link 3.3 v pin to the analogue ref pin
this will then make the analogue values update when sampled.

(i left the inputs floating - nothing connected, whilst experimenting with getting the sheild to work
this is sufficent to provide random analogue input date.
its another thing that is not very well explained in the documentation
however this does relate to the sketch and not the hardware

In an ideal world a working out of the box example without SD card formatting issues would be fantastic

I have now started a new post as i have a new issue regarding the Sd card apparently needing reformatted between logger operations
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