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WaveHC - FatReader - ls(flags,indent) (Troubles)
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WaveHC - FatReader - ls(flags,indent) (Troubles)

by Chris125 on Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:46 am

I've been playing with the wave shield and I'd like to look at file information, using the ls() function if you will...
I noticed the flags passed are LS_R, LS_SIZE, LS_DATE, LS_FLAG_FRAGMENTED, typically.
however certain flags only work in the "SD" library or the "Wave" library aka fatreader.h/ccp.
the fatreader header comments the date flag, but then defines the fragmented file flag.....???
What mods need to be made so all four flags will work using the | LS_SIZE |LS_DATE | LS_FLAG_FRAGMENTED, indent) will
work for the FatReader.h include?
newbee to all this stuff, excuse my terminalogy....thanks
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