Ada Lovelace Day
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Ada Lovelace Day

by SensorOne on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:57 am


Just a couple of interest items on Ada Lovelace Day

- This summer we went on holiday to banned and by complete chance it turned out that the local hotel where we had a meal was infact the Highland home of Ada Lovelace. This country house was once the main house to the Torridon Estate but now presents itself as an very nice hotel.... so you can stay in Lady Ada's house albeit for a price !!! Anyway, the link is here is anyone is interested:

- Next up is a feature on Ada Lovelace starting in 5 minutes on BBC Radio 4's Womans Hour - so 10:00AM BST on 15/10/13 - not sure if international folk can tune in but here is the link:

Happy Ada Lovelace day to you all :-)
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Re: Ada Lovelace Day

by adafruit_support_bill on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:17 am

Great! Looks like a beautiful place.
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