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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

by adafruit on Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:30 pm

The clock seems to reset at random

Did you install C10 and the two resistors next to it properly?

The clock seems to work, but there's no "time keeping" just menus

Did you install the crystal and 2 20pf caps properly?

The tube is fine except a digit/segment is missing/duplicated

All tubes are tested, so its unlikely you have a bad tube. Look for a short or cold solder joint between the tube and the holder and the VFD driver on the right hand side

The clock doesnt work, but the fuse gets hot. Should I remove it?

No! Removing or replacing the fuse will ONLY make the problem harder to debug. Never remove or replace it with a wire! A fuse indicates a short somewhere on the board. Try removing the clock tube, microcontroller and VFD driver. Look for short circuits or backwards components like electrolytic caps.

The tube isnt blue!

Tubes do vary slightly but most of the color difference seems to be related to ambient lighting and tube brightness. The VFDs are technially, cyan.

Is the firmware on the site the same as in the clock?

The "Sept 30" firmware is what is in all clocks right now

Why is set_snooze() commented out?

We thought it was kinda stupid.

Can I add a GPS to set the time?

No reason why not, but there is no firmware support for it

Can I make the clock 'auto dim' using time or a photocell?

No reason why not, but there is no firmware support for it

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