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SMT Test Socket - TQFP-32 Breakout PINOUT is not standard!
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SMT Test Socket - TQFP-32 Breakout PINOUT is not standard!

by madd0c on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:35 am

Just hope anyone who either has bought or is thinking of buying this ZIF SMT socket reads this FIRST! Will save alot of headaches

The pinout is NOT intuitive, and there are NO pin numbers on the board. I recommend using a sharpie to add the following information.

You would think that pin one is the upper left pin when looking at the ZIF adapter from above. However, I do not know what TQFP 32 chip this is an adapter for, but it is NOT designed for Atmel chips pinout.

Pin one ON THE CHIP is actually the 4th pin down from the upper left, Pin one on the ADAPTER board is actually chip pin number 30.

The pins do follow in numerical order after that, It doesnt seem it would have involved much extra routing to get the dip adapter pinout to be pins 1-32 of the chip layed out as pins 1-16 on left and 17-32 on right.

Hope this helps someone who can't figure out why their atmel chip wont program on this adapter and gets really hot (ask me how I know lol)

You may want to add this information to the product page - would be very helpful.

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