Oscilloscope recommendations
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Re: Oscilloscope recommendations

by derzzle on Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:11 am

After a nearly eight year hiatus (dammit, this 'life' stuff gets in the way of the fun!), getting
my bench updated. So replacing a couple of aged, but still good, Reubenesque analog scopes and separate LA, AWG/FG, counter ... hopefully with a handful of smaller, faster USB/LXi instruments whose carbon footprint is smaller than my SUV. NOT being a survivor of the stock market crash, budget is an issue.

After looking about and researching everything from cheap knockoff to Agilent and "Le Choy" :) pulled trigger on: QA100 and Rigol 1102D, plus a cheapo LA1034 like unit for scope to start with. Yes a Tek or Agilent be perfect, but I only have one kidney left to auction.
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