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Using SMT component books for through-hole parts
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Using SMT component books for through-hole parts

by isonno on Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:23 pm

A few years ago I purchased a kit from Digi-Key with 70-some of the most common resistors in a small box. While it's super convenient to have them all on hand, the packaging was tedious - little bags of bags of components.

On a hunch, I purchased AdaFruit's blank SMT component book, and hired my son to trim the labels from the Digi-Key kit and place them in the book. It works really well.

The books are so much more convenient than boxes of packets of parts, and take up much less space than plastic containers with bins or drawers. I could imagine this working for other through-hole parts (small caps, diodes, etc.). With a slightly different layout - say, horizontal pockets for labels with square vertical pockets beneath - it'd work for transistors and other components.


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