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Any Extras for Oscilloscope (DS1052E) with Purchase?
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Any Extras for Oscilloscope (DS1052E) with Purchase?

by randomvibe on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:59 am

I'm very interested in the DS1052E oscilloscope - it's feature rich for the low price and includes free software (UltraScope) allowing user to use a PC (and large screen) as the scope controller! So I decided to forgo Sparkfun's USB oscilloscope (MSO-28) since I can use DS1052E as a more powerful standalone scope and as a USB scope.

Adafruit should really emphasize the UltraScope software. Several informative lessons available here: ... ure=relmfu

My only criticism... why is the DS1053E priced at $394.95 when it's available at Rigol for $329? Am I missing something here? Does the Adafruit order come with $70 dollars worth of extras? Also, Rigol offers a $30 discount for answering 6 technical questions, so total cost is $299! Shipping is $15. This deal is so good it's even cheaper than Sparkfun's MSO-28. I prefer to purchase from Adafruit rather than Sparkfun because I realize they pick the best products at a better price. And I don't mind paying a bit extra at Adafruit because they save me time finding the best product. I'd pay an extra $20 or so for the scope, but the $70 to $95 is excessive.

Is Adafruit's DS1052E price correct, or am I missing the extras?
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Re: Any Extras for Oscilloscope (DS1052E) with Purchase?

by adafruit on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:20 am

thanks for the post! rigol has started to sell direct, and they're cutting their prices below the pricing they previously had - we may eventually need to stop selling them :( we're going to see if we can get lower pricing, but for now that's the price.

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