Mitutoyo Caliper Selling & a few Questions
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Mitutoyo Caliper Selling & a few Questions

by KyoRinsuu on Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:17 pm

Hi guys I bought a Mitutoyo 500-196-200 a few weeks ago for a upcoming college project but before i even got to take them out of the plastic bag my college team got a donation of 500-752-10 for each member. So I was wondering first if anyone is interested on buying my Mitutoyo 196-200? Second how good are these 752-10 over the 196-200? I really wanna know because we get the equipment in January 8 so i haven't been able to give them a try yet.

If anyone can give me a good comparison of the 2 i would be really grateful. Oh before i forget those the 752-10 have port for connection to PC?
Also the 500-196-200 Still hasn't been used in case your wondering if its completely brand new.
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