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16x32 RGB LED matrix panel chaining
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16x32 RGB LED matrix panel chaining

by Hman on Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:19 am


I bought 4 of these great panels. I want to show on all 4 panels the same picture.
First I used just 1 panel for testing it. Now I thought they have all an OUT-Connector and I plugged them all together.
The first panel in the chain shows already what it has to show, on the second panel is the lines 0 and 8 are switched, on the third panel the lines 0 and 8, and 1 and 9 are switched, the fourth panel was damaged, I am waiting for it...

You write in the technical details for this panel "5V regulated power input, 1A max (all LEDs on)" but I measured 2.66A for only on panel with all LEDs on!
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Re: 16x32 RGB LED matrix panel chaining

by pburgess on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:27 pm

Hi Hman,

If you want the same image on all four panels, I'd suggest splitting the data lines from the Arduino and feeding into the inputs of each panel. Otherwise, the phenomenon you're seeing is normal...when you chain displays this way, the first input is expecting 4 panels worth of data, which get passed down the line...but the library is written for a single panel (speed-wise, this is all the Arduino can handle and still get 4-bit color).

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