Is my bone definitly broken ?
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Is my bone definitly broken ?

by Bartabas on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:54 am


I have to embbed the bone (rev 5) on a vehicle so I have to power it up by another mean than USB or DC input. So I decided to power it up through the P9 extension header, ground on pin 2 and 5V power on pin 6, as it is said in the §8.4.1 of the system reference manual.
Unfortunatly, I inverted the side of the P9 extension header and I plugged the 5V power on pin 42 (name C18, signal GPIO0_7) :( . After that, the bone does not work anymore, nothing happens when I power it, except a short blink of the LED near the power input.

Do you think I definitly broke my bone ? Or what to do to make it working again ?
Other question : is my original idea is the right way to power the bone ? If the input current is not powerful enough (less than 1A), can the bone be damaged ?

Thank in advance for answers.

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Re: Is my bone definitly broken ?

by adafruit on Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:08 am

yes, if the power was inverted, a negative supply could break the chip, even if the power is only 20mA!
You will be to replace the entire bone

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