RS232 and 8051UART
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RS232 and 8051UART

by skyjeff185 on Fri Apr 06, 2007 12:11 am


I'm building a project which is similar to minty mp3. In short, my MP3 player takes the data from RS232 port and then through a mcu and then decodes and play. I'm using STA013 and CS4334 (same as minty mp3). However i have a question, i read off the PJRC site it says we have to swap bits for 8051 UART, do I have to do the same thing for RS232? Because I'm having difficulty playing the music.

Do you guys know what is the common problem is? It would be a great help.
Because currently, I've already configured the STA013. Do I have to set to a certain volume? Or do I have to send a bit to tell STA013 to start playing/decoding? Also, how do I verify if what i'm sending is correct or the clock for sending the data is correct?

Thank you very much!
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