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minty music on hold
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minty music on hold

by illwill on Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:38 pm

hi all new to the board :)
got sucked into this all from meeting ladyada at hope and building my first device the sim card reader :wink:

wondering if it in some way it would be possible to modify this to have a rca type output to use this for a Music On Hold type project
ive got an old at&t system at work that has this rca port for the music on hold that i would like to build a simple device to plug into that would feed some looping music or maybe some business information
sort of similar to this expensive device , i would like this project to run about 25$ or so to be feasible

the device in the pdf has a usb port to supply music from a thumbdrive but since this is only going to play a few songs or recording in a loop im not sure if i want to have the flash embedded on the pcb or have an external port
any ideas?
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