Adafruit and Raspberry Pi - Matrimony
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Adafruit and Raspberry Pi - Matrimony

by marks3 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:09 pm

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Hi folks,

Thought I would share something.

I wired up a Rasberry Pi to an Adafruit Dallas Realtime Clock thru an Adafruit Level Shifter and an Adafruit Cobbler. The clock works fine. The python code to play with the Buttons and Led's work fine too. Thanks to the Adafruit tuturial on handling debouncing under Arduino.

I have attached a picture (attached) of the breadboard shot by my son's cell phone thru a 2.5 diopter desk lamp. (There is some curvature:)

Here is what this proto does:
1) Green LED lights when python program starts.
2) Red LED lights while red button is pressed.
3) Green button does nothing.
4) Blue Potentiometer varies the output voltage to red and brown wires at bottom - nothing connected yet.
5) Running "hwclock -r" or "hwclock -w " reads or writes to the DS1307.

And finally, I run 'omxplayer' to connect and stream Radio Paradise all day long...

Oh, one more thing - my son's Rasberry is going online in a week or so and will be powered by Solar. We hope to set uptime records.

Please don't hesitate for a better explanation of the 'schematic' if stuff is obscured in the photo.

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Today's project...
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