Occidentalis with OURLINK and wireless interference
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Occidentalis with OURLINK and wireless interference

by Occidentalisuser on Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:42 pm

Got Occidentalis with OURLINK to work (allow internet access) by replacing Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse (which work fine with Wheezy) with old model Dell keyboard and mouse (both wired). Using wireless keyboard and mouse caused instability- as the letters or numbers were being entered one would suddenly repeat itself endlessly across the screen and when backspacing them out (e.g., when trying to edit the /etc/network/interfaces) the backspace would continue to sweep across the screen deleting the remaining text. The Logitech Mk260 is not listed in the configuration options but choosing the generic options did not work. The wired keyboard and mouse worked immediately. The network is WEP not WPA; had to use imagewriter to download Occidentalis (and Wheezy) in Ubuntu after win32ImageWriter crashed the Vista on another machine.
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