Aperture on mac crash
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Aperture on mac crash

by darlek on Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:10 am

I installed opened my USB Digital Microscope on my MAC following the instructions provided. However two issues have occurred.
The camera and video refused to capture an image.
My photo programme "Aperture" now crashes when opening. I have checked some MAC forums and some suggest that the image capture has corrupted Aperture.
Anyone got any ideas.

As a follow on to this. In desperation I took my Mac to a Apple shop for one of their tecs to investigate. He suspected that the Microscope software was accessing Aperture and causing it to crash when opening. The answer was to uninstall the Aperture program (not the library ) and re-install. Now aperture now works fine. I have now deleted the microscope files off my Mac and loaded it on you an old PC laptop and the microscope now works as it should.
It is annoying as I paid extra to have a Microscope programme that was Ok for a Mac but alias just not so
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