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one arduino is suddenly not recognized, but other is. please help me
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one arduino is suddenly not recognized, but other is. please help me

by auspicious on Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:15 pm

:arrow: Hi!

Two arduinos and both are bought from here. Anyway, this one in particular was working fine. I had just finished a tutorial of using an TI 120 for powering a motor, and i had it hoooked up with a 12vlt battery(5.0aAh) and it worked fine for a minute or so.

I dont know what happened but it stopped working. Then the computer all of the sudden restarts on its own.(a new computer, and thats not normal). Then when it restarts its no longer recognizing the arduino. It brings up a message that say something like "it doesnt recognize it and/or its malfunctioned" when I plug in the usb. It doesnt make that "ta..daaaa!" sound when i plug it in.

So, I dug out my first arduino that I blew by using a car battery (it was my first try at this:), and the computer still recognizes it. It does make that "ta...daaa" sound when first plugged in. And brings up a "COM" icon on the device manager window.

So, I am assuming its not the cable(which is from here, and only been used twice for about an hour).

So I dont know what to do here. I am getting frustrated which is normal, right? :)

Could you please take a second to advise me ?

I tried: removing all wries from the arduino project, and taking out that main chip in the arduino (I dont know the name of it, sorry), and I swapped it with the other, and nothing changed. Then i plugged it in without the chip at all and the same thing happened. I went to the drivers and tried to load the right one, and it said it is already there. It is not recognized on the device manager window, other then the USB part, where there is an icon with a yellow exlimation point.
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Re: one arduino is suddenly not recognized, but other is. please help me

by zener on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:05 pm

Did you have a flyback diode on the motor? I will guess no... Big spike might have killed something. Gotta put those diodes on inductive loads. Ask me how I know...

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