Displaying OSM data on a Color OLED or TFT-Display
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Displaying OSM data on a Color OLED or TFT-Display

by emkli on Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:49 pm

Hello everyone,

i'm just at the beginning of a greater project which will hopefully end in a complete "trekking suite" with GPS, compass & gyro data, light, temperature and altitude logging.
While looking at my old GPS Tracker from Garmin, i wondered if it's possible to somehow display selected Open Street Map Data according to my current location on a TFT or OLED display (those from adafruit, f.e.). I've tried to google about that, but there is not much information. In the official Arduino forums, i've found a short thread about exactly what i want to do but the answer was, the Arduino might be a number too small for that heavy rendering load.
But even my old GPS tracker (an Etrex Vista HCx) was/is able to display OSM data. I found out that the HCx uses a MT3318 as GPS module - a less powerful equivalent to the well-known MT3329 which is now superseded by the MT3339. Unfortunately, i didn't found anything about the microcontroller that drives the HCx (and i didn't want to disassemble mine ;-)). However, as the device is only powered by two AA's (which will run it for 25 hrs, as Garmin states), it can't be such a beast (and in fact, the HCx never was a speedy device).

So somehow, it must be possible to read OSM data stored on a MicroSD card and render and translate it for some kind of display. Did anyone ever tried to manage this and give me some kind of advice how to begin? What kind of microcontroller would be necessary to do this? Any ideas?

Greetings (and apologies for my awful english skills)

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