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Help:Leds working, but only clicks and pops out
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Help:Leds working, but only clicks and pops out

by tomikobe2002 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:06 am


I just finished building a chipforbrains xox basstime . I can program patterns and random play also runs, leds light up and everything but no sound output almost at all. When i plug in headphones i get only clicks and pops, but in the background very low i hear somewhat synthesis that should be out. Same thing I get when pluging to mix out, only the clicks and pops and the sound in the background becomes a bit clearer.Tempo knob adjusts clicks and pops faster but no real output. What should i check for in this case, any of you guys had this problem after building ? P.S. I have AC voltage applied at 9v 500mA, so this is excluded from the problemsolving i guess.
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Re: Help:Leds working, but only clicks and pops out

by antto on Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:04 am

it sounds like the VCA is amplifying silence (with a small amount of DC which makes the pops and clicks)
or, if those pops and clicks are affected by the cutoff/resonance/envelope controls - then the filter is working and the issue could be in the vco (stuck on a very low frequency)

open the x0x, attach headphone probes (or oscilloscope if you have one) at the waveform switch, see if you can hear sawtooth or square
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