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dead link to comic book at citizen engineer?
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dead link to comic book at citizen engineer?

by ceratophyllum on Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:31 pm

You can't get these in the store? A pity, I might buy one of these. :)

Also, it seems like no one is supporting the SIM reader software anymore? Links to several SIM resources are dead. I bought the kit and tried it with a few old Net10 LG300 phones' cards and it worked as advertised. So this will not work so well with newer phones' SIMs?

I noticed that all my old phones defaulted to storing contacts and texts in the phone rather than on the SIM. So although one can read/write the card, it turned out there happened to be mostly nothing on it. I don't know how typical this is of cell phones of trashy Tracfone quality level and have no experience of higher quality phones. The last 10 calls were on the card for all 3 phones, though.
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