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Saying thanks for Occidentalis v0.2 - it works!!
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Saying thanks for Occidentalis v0.2 - it works!!

by Razer51 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:41 pm

Hello, just stopped back in to say thanks for Occidentalis v0.2. I am doing a project for a science fair with my daughter with a Pi and the MaKey MaKey I got from here and was getting driven nuts by the official Raspbian build to say the least. I got your build today and it works perfectly - THANK YOU!

My daughter needed working sound in Scratch, that's it. Latest official build from has scratch totally unusable when you add and try to play a sound. Just locks up scratch, the rest works fine. Scratch works fine until you add sound in the offical build, but your build works first time and I had to do nothing at all. Now she can load her project she made and get going tonight.

This seems to be a known issue, so if you guys ever update Occidentalis again be aware of this sticking point in the new builds. Appreciate you guys making a good stable distro, my daughter and I will dig in more after the fair I'm sure. I'll try to share photos of what she came up with here soon and she is super excited by the MaKey and the Pi, love building a junior geek like me! :)
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