Fried Pi?
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Fried Pi?

by mini39 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:02 pm

First off let me say that I am a teacher, and when I get a Raspberry Pi, I immediately pass it off to a student.

Long story short, said student misplaced my 5V usb power supply and somehow used a 12V supply. The polyfuse gives strange, as in not 5V, when supplied by a correct, 5V power supply.

Should I just chuck this Pi? Or is there a possibility the fuse saved the day, an I can just replace the polyfuse?

Thanks for your help with this.


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Re: Fried Pi?

by adafruit on Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:19 pm

Eek, poly-fuses are 'self healing' after a few minutes, so its probably not the fuse but the main processor that's fried. Sorry but I think this Pi is toast!

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