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Trouble getting the ADIO to talk to my computer
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Trouble getting the ADIO to talk to my computer

by vanceg on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:30 pm

I just put together the ADIO kit v1.3. When I power it up, the power light lights up, and after a few seconds the MIDI light blinks green quickly. I have it hooked up correctly to my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Pro audio/midi interface, which seems to be working fine when I use it in banned.

I've installed the MIDI Sense software, version 1.3a. I've configured it to be connected to the Fast Track MIDI In and Out. When I select Connect to MIDI, the MIDI light (while continuing to blink green just as it did before) also blinks red 6 times about 1/2 second on and 1/2 second off. Then, the app shows "Failed to find any MIDI Sense boards".

I have tried swapping the MIDI cable connected from the MIDI Sense output to the Fast Track input with the same results. In my MIDI monitor program I can see that the board is sending MIDI active sensing messages that are correctly received by the computer. I am running on a Windows Vista 64 computer, but I've also tried it on a Windows XP machine with an Edirol UA-25 interface. I've double checked the components and my solder joints, and I don't think I've made any mistakes. :( Any hints?

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