PIC vs ARV needs updating
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PIC vs ARV needs updating

by average_male on Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:40 pm


I may be misreading some of the points but, It seems that the information at the following URL needs updating:


just a quick skim it seems that this is out dated info:

Integrated Extras

One of the things you may want with your microcontroller is some weirdo-extras like Ethernet, CAN, RF or USB support

I know microchip has an Ethernet PIC (although I have no experience with it), and the USB PICs have been around long enough to be stable.

Atmel, on the other hand, hasn't seemed to go this route so if you want hardware USB support built in, you should go with a PIC! (On the other hand, there have been many examples of bitbang-USB successes for the AVR)

Winner? PIC!
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