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Wrote me a ybox2 twitter client (sorta)
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Wrote me a ybox2 twitter client (sorta)

by Fjornir on Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:20 am

So after dealing with a number of teething issues last night tonight I got to spend my first evening actually playing around with programming my ybox2. Twitwidget looks like it would be neat (if it worked) but it's not what I want (I'd like it to work more like a 'normal' twitter client and show me tweets from everyone I'm following not just one person) I decided that would be a nice easy one to go for first.

Not wanting to implement all of the necessary Twitter API calls in a language I don't know (and Spin is quite different from every other language I know) I decided to put the fetching of the tweets onto a PC. So using the Perl module Net::Twitter::Lite I went ahead and wrote a small perl script that would listen for connections on a TCP/IP port and whenever it got one it would connect up to twitter, pull the newest 4 tweets, and spit them out over the socket.

Next up I took the infowidget and a scalpel and cut out everything to do with the web request and rigged it instead to just connect up to my PC, slurp down the data off the socket and splat it onto the TV.

Nothing huge, but I'm happy with it for a step up from 'Hello World'.
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.