VOX Bulldog Distortion & GameBoy Advance
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VOX Bulldog Distortion & GameBoy Advance

by isak on Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:09 am

Hi guys :)

up for sale is my almost new Tube based VOX Bulldog Distortion.
sound amazing with x0xb0x ( :twisted: ) or any other synth you will plug in and of curse most amazing with guitars.
can run with battery's as well :mrgreen:
my foot never touched the foot switch.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XYyoWPr ... re=related


it comes without power supply, it runs on 9V DC 400mA
will want 110$ including shipping.
this is very cheap so please...
for more pics or sound demos please contact me.
you can PM me or email me at isak.mgm@gmail.com

for sale is my beloved gameboy advance with 5 old school games and a cool case.
the gameboy is almost new, it has been siting in my drawer for years.

games included..
1 - Super Street fighter 2
2 - Final Fight
3 - Mortal Kombat-A
4 - Tekken
5 - Lorg Of the Rings


will want 45$ including shipping.

if you'll take the VOX and the GAMEBOY i'll give it for 140$ including shipping.
you can PM me or email me at isak.mgm@gmail.com

Isak E.

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