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VOX Bulldog Distortion & GameBoy Advance
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VOX Bulldog Distortion & GameBoy Advance

by isak on Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:09 am

Hi guys :)

up for sale is my almost new Tube based VOX Bulldog Distortion.
sound amazing with x0xb0x ( :twisted: ) or any other synth you will plug in and of curse most amazing with guitars.
can run with battery's as well :mrgreen:
my foot never touched the foot switch. ... re=related


it comes without power supply, it runs on 9V DC 400mA
will want 110$ including shipping.
this is very cheap so please...
for more pics or sound demos please contact me.
you can PM me or email me at

for sale is my beloved gameboy advance with 5 old school games and a cool case.
the gameboy is almost new, it has been siting in my drawer for years.

games included..
1 - Super Street fighter 2
2 - Final Fight
3 - Mortal Kombat-A
4 - Tekken
5 - Lorg Of the Rings


will want 45$ including shipping.

if you'll take the VOX and the GAMEBOY i'll give it for 140$ including shipping.
you can PM me or email me at

Isak E.
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